How to teach your children to love reading!

Here are some super tips to inspire your children to love reading:

  • Be a good reading role model: Make sure your child sees you reading often, even if it’s a magazine.
  • Make reading fun by reading books your children enjoy.
  • Read at the same time of day or in the same place, so your child knows the routine.
  • Promise to buy your children the books they want.
  • Set up 20 minute read-a-thons.
  • Take your child to the library.
  • Give books as a gift to them, and other friends.
  • Always read out loud to your children, even if they’re old enough to read to themselves.
  • Add drama to stories to make them more exciting.
  • Bring books to life, by doing activities like crafts, cooking, and trips related to the book.
  • Put labels all over the house, and get your children to read them regularly.
  • If your child asks a factual question, look up the answer together.
  • Have your child to describe to you what’s happening on the pages.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions.
  • Keep it short with toddlers.  Keep reading to them even while they play.
  • Try rhyming books, to help develop their ear.
  • Have your child draw the characters.

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At Mini Monsters we have set up a safe and stimulating area for children to have fun! Our centre is unique and features different themed play-frames, party rooms, toddler zones and a cafe! Website: Number: 043414459
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